WFISD Textbook Talks

WFISD Textbook Talks

Anytime social studies or science is on the table, you can bet there's a battle brewing.

Just before Thanksgiving break, the Texas State Board of Education created a lengthy list of recommendations, showing which books and digital versions best provided the information kids need to meet state standards.

But getting to this point included outcry from activists on the right and left, so we caught up with the Wichita Falls ISD Associate Superintendent to see how the decision is handled in the district.

He says history books currently being used are 12 years old! In fact one book used right now in an 11th grade U.S. History class only has two paragraphs dedicated to 9/11.

"Our teachers are masters at going out and finding information to supplement a text book, that in this case is 12 years old. Textbooks are a tool, a resource, there isn't a policy or anything that says you must use the text book and you must teach it this way," said Associate Superintendent, Mike Kuhrt.

But as long as materials are just paperback, Kuhrt says it's just a matter of time before yet another event doesn't make it in which is why text books are now also offered with technology.

"Right now we have pockets of excellence in our district, and some pretty awesome things happening. But we don't have it everywhere." said Kuhrt.

But within the next year, they hope to be there which could create some hard decisions

"We are on the cusp of something pretty awesome with technology. Which I think aligns perfectly with this text book adoption, that we will now be able to consider some of the digital options for the future." said Kuhrt.

The committee will be made up of parents, principals, teachers and educational specialists.

At this month's school board meeting, the names of those who make up the 3 committees will be recommended. If approved, in January they will review materials and come up with a recommendation on what they would like to see adopted and present those to the board in the Spring.