Safe Ride to School?

Safe Ride to School?

The general manager of Durham School Services in the Falls, Brian Gibson, says that Durham's safety and maintenance process for buses goes well beyond what the federal government requires.

But with recent school bus fires not too far away, it's hard not to be concerned when it comes to your children having a safe ride to school.

In November, a Frisco school bus carrying special needs students caught fire when a short occurred in the vehicle's electrical wiring. That was not a Durham bus, but two days ago, a Durham bus encountered an unknown mechanical malfunction in Justin, just outside of Fort Worth, and burst into flames.

In both of these very frightening cases, everyone made it to safety uninjured.

Durham School Services issued this statement earlier today:

"The incident in Justin that occurred on December 3rd is currently under investigation so we cannot offer comment at this point in time.  We can share that Durham has a preventive maintenance inspection program that meets all state and federal requirements. In addition to our maintenance regimen, our drivers complete a multi-point inspection before and after each route, every day to check for issues that need immediate attention."

Gibson says the only maintenance on Wichita Falls I.S.D buses is for normal wear and tear. He says that as a parent who has a child in the W.F.I.S.D, safety is his number one concern.

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6