The Public Viewed The New Airport Terminal

The new terminal at the Wichita Falls Regional Airport isn't done just yet, but the public had a chance to see some of the finished product Saturday morning during an open house.

Words like "wow" and "beautiful" were just a few that were used to describe the new terminal at the Wichita Falls Regional Airport.

“What's really exciting to me is watching the people come in this morning and the look of awe in their faces as they step into this facility," said John Burrus the Director of Aviation, Traffic and Transportation for Wichita falls

Burrus also says the new terminal will not only be a gateway into the community welcoming visitors for business, but also it's a place that people can visit their family and personnel at SAFB.

Many of the public, who were able to see the terminal for the first time on Saturday, agree with Burrus.

“We're hoping that this will encourage other airlines to come to Wichita Falls," said Valerie Rhodes.

“I'll probably take a trip in April to go to West Virginia, so yes I'm very excited," said Jean Maxwell.

Although Maxwell is excited, she did have her concerns.

“At the old airport, I had to climb up into the planes and now that I've had two hip replacements, I can't climb the stairs very well.  My main concern here is that they added the ramps and John told me that they did and I've looked at them and I'm excited," said Maxwell.

The old terminal has very limited amenities for travelers, but after Saturday's open house, the public seems to be pleased with the newest terminal.

It's a very big change.  This was definitely needed in Wichita Falls," said Maxwell.

“It's much of an upgrade from what we had before and it was long over due," said Rhodes.

“This whole project has been amazing from start to finish," said Burrus.

Inside of the airport, the upper paneling still needs to be done as well as the construction of a food and beverage concessionaire.

The grand opening for the Wichita Falls Regional Airport will be Wednesday, December 17th.

, Newschannel 6