Noise Tactics to be Used to Move Birds

Wichita Falls, Texas- The City of Wichita Falls, working in conjunction with the U.S. Department Agriculture, will begin using noise tactics to move a large flock of birds that is posing a significant threat to aircraft at Sheppard Air Force Base. The birds are Great Tailed Grackles, about a foot tall, and they're roosting around a pond located between Kirby Junior High School and Adrian Avenue (next to the Linwood West Neighborhood).

The birds are flying across the runways located at Sheppard Air Force Base in the morning and late afternoon. These birds can cause serious damage to aircraft, even causing a plane to crash. City crews will be using pyrotechnics called "Screamers" and "Bangers" beginning Tuesday, December 9th, to scare the birds away. The pyrotechnics will be used for four to five days this week, one hour before dark each day.

This evening, Monday, December 8th, city crews will go door to door in the Linwood West Neighborhood, advising residents of the plan. For more information please contact Jeff Badder at 761-7931.