Sale of Fireworks Allowed for New Year's

Sale of Fireworks Allowed for New Year's

Judge Woody Gossom and the rest of the Wichita County Commissioners agreed today not to restrict the sale of any fireworks for the upcoming holiday season.

Officials noted the new years holiday is not as popular for fireworks as July 4th and with the recent rains Wichita County has a much better KBDI.

The KBDI is a drought index used to determine fire potential, based on precipitation and soil moisture. When the index dries out to 575 or higher, counties in Texas have the right to restrict the sale of certain fireworks. Currently the index sits at 150.

The two types of fireworks that the commissioners could have banned are rockets with sticks and missiles with fins.

Owner of Russell's Fireworks Kingdom russell nettles said that the ruling would not have affected his business either way.

"There is a reason I don't sell them, because they are not popular. I've got 500 other fireworks that are much better than those two items," Nettles said.

Wichita County Commissioners also commended Nettles for his fireworks safety education efforts this summer.

"I made 500 signs up saying that its illegal to use fireworks on the side of a roadway or ditch in Texas. It's a 500 dollar fine, and a state law," Nettles explained. "The signs were very effective this year keeping people off the side of the road, which is very dangerous and I do not recommend at all."

County Commissioners said that there was much less debris from fireworks on the side of Texoma roads this summer, and that they plan on displaying the signs again this holiday season.

As for Nettles, he wants people to be careful when celebrating the new year.

"I want to make sure that if anybody does get some fireworks this year to use them this year to use them safely, and to be prepared for an accident, its very simple."

Russell's Fireworks Kingdom will be open and selling fireworks from December 26th to January 1st.

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6