Iowa Park to Start Using A Water Reuse Project

Another Texoma town is planning to use a water reuse project to help conserve water during our ongoing drought.

“We've been working on it for about a year.  We have type 2 effluent water, so we've got change that and improve it," said Iowa Park, City Manager, Mike Price.

Iowa Park receives water from Wichita Falls.  The water reuse project will cut the use of Iowa Park's potable water.

“We'll be replacing it with processed water from the treatment plant that a local manufacturing plant will use in their chillers," said Price.

Price told Newschannel 6 how Iowa Park's water reuse project will work.

“What we're going to have to do is take the water as it leaves the plant.  It will run through a lift station that will bring it in, put it through a filter press that will clean it up a little bit more.  Then from there it will go into a storage tank and be pumped to the local manufacturing plant upon their needs," said Price.

Of course, the purpose of the reuse project is to conserve water, about 20 million gallons worth.

“Reuse projects are one of the best ones, so that's why we're excited about this one.  This water that normally goes down the creek ends up in the Red River or in Wichita River.  The red river, it's serving no one around here,” said Price.

Water from the reuse project will not be used for drinking, only for boilers, chillers, air conditioning, heating and cooling.

This project could cost about $1 million.  Construction of the water reuse system will be done by Bowles Construction of Wichita Falls and should begin in January.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6