SWAT Dispatched Again for Man in Crisis

A suspect that had a SWAT Team surrounding his home Thursday night was the center of a repeat incident Friday morning.

Police were called out around 9:30 Thursday night at the 2000 block of Arthur in response to a family violence threat call. In an attempt to locate the suspect, the investigation led officers to the 2700 block of Carrigan Avenue.

Police say the suspect was inside the home on Carrigan, threatening to harm himself. 

At that time, officers set up a perimeter around the home and activated the protocol for a barricaded subject. Both SWAT and Hostage Negotiators were called to the scene. 

Just before 12:30 a.m. Friday morning, SWAT made their way into the home but found the house was empty. The suspect was not found.

The suspect was later located in a duplex on North Austin Street around 11 a.m., SWAT Teams blocked off several streets surrounding the area and made their way inside.

The suspect came out peacefully, and was taken in for mental evaluation.