Electra Residents React to the Placement of a New School

Preserving history; that's what many Electra residents had to say at Electra Independent School District's public hearing.

“I guess I'm caught up on all of the memories,"said Electra resident, Felicia Douglas.

Douglas also said, “I kind of have a passion for holding on to history and that's one of the reasons that I came in, to maybe find out what the facts were and also include some of the facts that I know about, so that they would know the historical background of this park".

The Electra Independent School District is planning to build a new high school and junior high school adjacent to where the current high school is in the city park and community center.

For Douglas, her concern is not about a new school being built.

“I'm just not interested in it being put up in this park that has had 107 years of history of being a park for the citizens of Electra," said Douglas.

At Monday's public hearing, there were also residents who were for the new school being built where the Electra school board wants.  Off camera, those residents told Newschannel 6 that instead of focusing on the past, Electra residents need to look towards the future.  The residents said that they respect the history of Electra, but they wondered where everybody was when community meetings were being held in regards to the new school.

Newschannel 6 also spoke to the Electra I.S.D. Superintendent, Scott Hogue, who said that there had been at least 3 previous public hearings and 10 posters around town that stated where the new school would be built.

Hogue also said he is doing his best to accommodate everyone in the area.

In May, 384 Electra residents voted in favor of having a new school built. 272 Electra residents were against it.

, Newschannel 6