Care Portal: State Teams Up With Texoma Churches

The State of Texas and Texoma churches are teaming up to make a difference in the lives of hurting children. The pilot program is called Care Portal, and if it's successful it will kick off state wide.

Derek Carter, Heritage Assembly of God Music Pastor, is a former foster parent and is excited his ministry is now getting to fill the need of another gap.

"The church shouldn't be just about having Sunday morning services and focusing inward, but reaching out," said Carter.

Heritage is one of 14 churches signed up for the program, that gives Texoma congregations a chance to step up.

"A lot of times there is a situation where there is a family in need we don't want the child to be removed from the home we want the children to have help to stay with the parents," said CPS Community Region Specialist Janet Goodner-Jackson.

But that need is often unmet, because the state can't help financially. However Goodner-Jackson said the church can.

A portal allows the State and Church to finally connect. Child welfare workers uncover the need, place it on the online portal, making local churches aware and allowing people of all faiths to answer the call.

One of those calls could be providing a crib for an infant, who's mother just walked out of an abusive relationship, and now has no safe place for her baby to sleep.

"This program specifically helps us to get out into the community, beyond the four walls of this church." said Derek Carter.

"It's not about us it never has been about us. We just want to make sure the families that need to stay together can stay together, and that we can do what we can," said Sacred Heart Pastoral Assistant David Bindel.

Jackson says they lack one church to fill the first 15 slots, so if you are interested you can head online to sign up or give her a call at (940) 235-1943 or click the link for more.