Holiday Travel Tips

Christmas is just nine days away, and that means many people will be traveling to spend the holidays with their loved ones.

AAA Texas said the Year-End Holidays are the busiest time of the year and this year they expect record numbers.

They are projecting that 8.1-million Texans will travel during the Year-End Holiday season, which is between December 23


and January 4



“Of the 8.1-million Texans traveling for the year end holidays, the vast majority are going to go by automobile,” Doug Shupe, a AAA Spokesperson said.

He said 7.5-million Texans will travel by car.  That's 91-percent of the Texans traveling.

One of the reasons people will choose to travel by car is because it's the most economical, but to top it off, gas prices are the lowest they have been in five years.

“Compared to what we're paying today, versus one year ago, we're paying about 75 cents less per gallon,” Shupe said.

Gas prices across the nation are sitting at $2.53 per gallon of unleaded.  However, in Texas the average is $2.31.  Across Texoma, gas prices are even lower.  On Tuesday the cheapest gas price was $1.99 per gallon unleaded.  Even with the expected increase in demand, many experts said the gas prices are going to remain relatively low through the holiday season and into the new year.

However, before you hit the road, Shupe said you should get your vehicle looked at.

“If you are driving to your destination, which most people will be, make sure you give your car a good visual inspection,” he said.

If you don't have time, the least you should do is check your tire pressure and your oil level.  You should also make sure everyone is buckled up properly, especially children.

Another great tip is to map out your route.  Also, don't forget to obey the speed limits, especially in work zones.

Also, don't get distracted while driving.  Maybe have a designated texter and as always, if you plan to drink, don't drive.

Not everyone will be traveling by car.  Shupe said they are projecting 363,000 Texans to travel by plane.  He also said people should be prepared to go to their airports early.

“At least two hours because we know the airports are going to be extremely busy,” Shupe said.

He also said you should call, or check the website to make sure your flight is leaving on time.

Another 253,000 are expected to travel by other modes of transportation, such as by train, by bus, or by cruise ship.

The best tip Shupe said, is to plan ahead and your number on goal should be to get their safely.

, Newschannel 6