Rep. James Frank Visits Texoma

Rep. James Frank Visits Texoma

District 69 State Representative, James Frank held a town hall meeting at MSU Tuesday night.

Rep. Frank came to hear public input about water, education, the state budget and other issues.

He said it was encouraging to see some of his constituents come out to share their views.

"It really is nice to see people informed. Sometimes you have to have a lot of controversy to get people interested, but it's nice when people come out. I know it's a busy time of the year, so I appreciate folks coming out and being interested in what's going on and being interested in their government," Frank said.

Rep. Frank said he has not authored any bills for the upcoming legislative session, but said he is collaborating with other legislators on future bills.

There will be several town hall meetings in Texoma Wednesday in Crowell, Munday and Seymour.