Scam Alert: Con Artist Claim To Be Government or Debt Collection Agency

Wichita Falls, TX -

The Texas Attorney General's office wants to alert you of a scam circulating around the state. Scammers are claiming to be either the government or a debt collection agency. Many Texans have received calls notifying them of unpaid debt and in some cases child support.

"It's not a new scam, but a new twist,” said Monica Horton, President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau of North Central Texas "We've had a lot of calls at the BBB a lot of consumers right now are receiving fake IRS phone calls."

Horton said con-artist are always trying to reinvent the wheel and one of the underlying themes to reel you in are scare tactics.

"They're scaring you by saying you could potentially be arrested or some other threat," said Horton.

During the hour Newschannel 6 was at the Better Business Bureau they received a call from someone filing a complaint involving a similar scam.

We asked if they would like to speak with us about the incident but they declined.

"If it's something that you think may be a valid phone call, still disconnect the call from the people that were calling you,” said Horton. “Find a number on your own and call that government agency using a number that you verified and ask them about it."

For the longest scammers would always request that you wire them money, but now they have moved to green dot or pre-paid debit cards.

"They use that because it's not traceable for them to steal your money of that card," said Horton.

Horton said another thing you should be aware of are people calling from numbers that may appear to be from Washington, D.C. or even Austin. Therefore, if you don't know the number, the best advice is to not answer it.”

The Texas Attorney General's office said if you come across any scam to contact their office and file a

, and they will look into the matter.

, Newschannel 6