Turbine Timeline for Baylor & Knox Counties

Turbine Timeline for Baylor & Knox Counties

Friday marked a big milestone for the wind farm under construction in Baylor and Knox counties.

"Today we're energizing our 345,000 Volt substation, and pretty soon we'll be able to energize and commission the turbines and start putting some power out on the grid," Site Manager for the project Gary Newton explained.

Residents should start seeing some of those turbines spinning by the beginning of 2015. Phase One of the project looks to be completed in February. But the finished product will take a bit longer.

"The turbines are actually coming from Spain, there have been delays with deliveries, and were probably looking at October 2016 before were completed with all 100 turbines," Newton said.

Further delaying the project's progress are problems with the turbines elevators. These turbines, which are new to the U.S. market, require lifts to be built in order to safely wire the entire system.

Newton says that about fifteen people from Texoma are working for different energy contractors involved with the project. But, that number doesn't include all the drivers and heavy haulers who are also local.

And, once the project is completed, Newton says...

"I know we'll be hiring locals, 12-14 of them to maintain and run the plant once its done."

Newton estimates that once the project is completed, around 220,000 homes will be able to be powered by the turbines.

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Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6