New Study On Smart Device Use Ties Health Science Teachers To Workplace 24/7

New Study On Smart Device Use Ties Health Science Teachers To Workplace 24/7

Wichita Falls, TX-

Throughout the day most of us have our hands busy using our cell phones, tablets, and laptops, but a team of researchers at Midwestern State University found health science educators across the country spend the majority of their day unable to disconnect from technology.

Newschannel 6 spoke with the one of the co-authors of the study about some of the problems it can present.

"I think we're finding increasingly that we allow the technology from our work to bleed into our personal lives," said James Johnston, a Dean, for the College of Health Sciences & Human Services at Midwestern State University

Gone are the days working 9 to 5 a.m. study published in the American Society of Radiologic Technologist Journal said more than 60 percent of health sciences teachers feel they are connected to their job 24/7.

"I noticed them using their smart devices a lot related to their work and just answering, answering, answering and I started to be a little bit concerned about this  around the clock connection to the workplace," said Dean Johnston.

Johnston along with his staff at MSU wanted to find out how much teachers are using their smart devices, potential health affects and if it is adding any stress due to non-stop connection.

"My faculty are starting to show those signs of stress and burnout. that affects their classroom performance, it affects their scholarly performance, then it affects their personal health," said Dean Johnston.

as it turns out...the only time professors unplug is to get some shut eye...

"The only lull we saw in use was from midnight to 6 a.m. For a small percentage that never dropped to zero," said Johnston. "So they were waking up in the middle of the night answering workrelated emails or text messages."

He said while this study only took a look at the practices of health science educators, he believes this could easily be replicated in another career field and they would likely experience similar results.

According to the study about 900 people across the country in science related fields were surveyed, of those fields most are offered at MSU.

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