Bowie’s Getting Closer To Building World Record Monument

The city of Bowie is inching closer to breaking ground on a world record monument.

The Chamber of Commerce has been working on the Bowie Knife Project for around two years.  Initially, it was just going to be an amazing monument for the town.  However, after a lot of discussion, they decided to take it to new heights.

"As We kicked around just kind of the concept, we thought, "Hey, you know, why not just go out, if we could set a world record with this deal"," Bryan Brown, a Chamber of Commerce Member said.

This is exactly what they are doing, but they hit some bumps along the way.

"We contacted Guinness and they said, well, we don't have a category for that," Brown said.

After, six months of giving them the blueprints and all of the details they got the exciting news.  The Bowie Knife monument was accepted into the Guinness World Book of Records as the largest bowie knife.

He said have the sculpture is one thing, but having a world record it amazing.

He said, "To say we got this title is, it just makes it just that more exciting and that much more drawing for an outside crowd for sure."

They hope the monument will bring in more people to the city.

Van Baize, a Chamber of Commerce Board Member said, "There's 23,000 cars a day go up and down 287.  Bowie is located off of 287.  We really don't financially benefit from that."

With the new monument they also hope the amount of revenue for the city will increase.

Baize said, "I worked with small business development center out of Midwestern State University.  They anticipate we'll have one percent of the cars will pull off just to see what this is."

A one-percent increase probably doesn't seem like a lot, but they expect to make more than $1.1-million.  Plus, when people come to Bowie, they will probably spend money on food and gas.  From that, they will make between $20,000 to $25,000 in sales tax.

The project is costing $160,000, but the money is coming from donations.  At the base of the monument there are tiles.  People can purchase those tiles and having something engraved on it.  They have already had many people buy the tiles, or make a donation, but they still need $15,000.

There are different sizes of tiles ranging from $200 to $500.  You can also buy one of the benches they will have and have it engraved.  That costs $5,000.

The Bowie Knife monument will be over 19 feet tall, so it will be quite the eye catcher. 

"It's not just a piece of metal art.  The knife itself is going to be made out of stainless steel." Baize said, "This hilt will be made out of brass and the handle is out of 100 year old hickory wood."

Officials said they hope to break ground by the beginning of the new year.