Regift or Not?

Regift or Not?
Wichita Falls, TX - It's safe to say we have all regifted an item someone gave us as a gift.

Newschannel 6 set to find out your thoughts about the recent holiday trend and the proper way to regift if you decide to do so.

"I have regifted and I don't think the person I regifted too will be aware that it was a regift," said Delores Jackson, a Wichita Falls resident.

Delores Jackson is not alone. American Express released a holiday survey that says more than three in four Americans find regifting acceptable, but there are some Texomans who disagree.

"Normally, when I get a gift I try to keep it because you don't know if it has sentimental value to someone or someone really looked hard to find that gift for you," said Anthony Triggs, a Burkburnett resident.

Some etiquette experts say the practice became popular following the recession, but that's not why Delores does it.

"Storing on a shelf for years and years and not getting any use out of it and I can give it to someone else who might use it or believe will use it. That's okay to regift," said Delores.

Newschannel 6 set out to find an etiquette expert to see if there are some rules you should follow if you choose to regift.

Author and etiquette expert, Joy Weaver with said you should avoid regifting at all cost. If you insist, do it with caution.

Here are few tips she offers:

·         Write down who gave you what - so you will not give the gift you are re-gifting back to the person who gave it to you in the first place. (very important!)

·         Dust it off and clean it up before handing it off to someone else. (My friend dusted off the designer soap sitting on the back of her bath-tub and gave it to her mom as a gift, only to be reminded by her mom that is the gift her mom had given her the year before. - BUSTED!)

·         Make sure your name is not taped to the bottom of it. (A box of gourmet cookies or a bottle of liquor)

·         Make sure a card to you is not still inside of it. (that ugly sweater that came wrapped in a box) 

·         Make sure it is a gift that you would actually give. (Really? There is no way he/she would buy this for me?

However, Delores said in an emergency situation regifting may just be your only option.

"You forgot to get a gift for someone you say, 'aww i got this gift that i know I'm not going to use or whatever. this would make a nice gift for that person," said Delores.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6