'The Interview' Set To Hit Texoma Big Screen

'The Interview' Set To Hit Texoma Big Screen

Wichita Falls, TX -

Sony Pictures controversial movie 'The Interview' will now be shown at a limited amount of theaters Christmas Day and will soon be on a big screen in Texoma.

Mark Farr-Nash, owner of The Vernon Plaza Theatre an independent theatre in Vernon, Texas said prior to the film company's initial decision not to release it, he had plans on showing it. 

However, news that the movie will be shown across the country Christmas and locally soon has some Texomans on edge about its appearance on big screen

"Don't show the movie. If we do that, we are doomed. we are doomed," said Felicia Butler of Wichita Falls. "They think that man is playing over there. he means exactly what he said. they shouldn't of did that."

"I don't take these threats very seriously. They're threats made on the internet by hackers on the other side of the planet," said Farr-Nash.

He said he knew there would be a demand to see the film, but did not expect it be as high as he has noticed.

"The easiest way to get an american to do something is to tell them that they can't do it," said Farr-Nash. "I really resent North korea trying to tell anybody outside of North Korea what they can and cannot watch. I found that to be offensive in the extreme."

However, Butler believes showing the movie is not worth putting the lives of Americans in danger for profit.

"They wan't their money. They didn't make that film for nothing, but there are not going to get anything but destruction," said Butler. 

Once the film hits the box office Texomans will have to decide whether or not its worth the threat. 

The film will be shown here in Texoma at The Vernon Plaza Theatre starting Friday, Jan. 2, but if you cannot wait until then. 

Sony Pictures has struck a deal with Youtube to offer digital rentals of "The Interview." The movie is available to rent on Google Play, Youtube movies, Microsoft's Xbox video and the website seetheinterviewdot.com. You can rent it for $5.99.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6