Standoff In Texoma

Standoff In Texoma
Two intersections were closed down and blocked off just after noon Christmas day as one man threatened to take his own life. The man has yet to be identified by the Wichita Falls Police but they did say the man was armed with a knife. Cop cars and concerned citizens lined the streets of Avenue K near a 7/11 store, all watching and waiting to see what would happen.

“Officers made the initial contact with the subject, started talking to him and realized there was a lot to this situation,” said Sergeant John Spragins.

Once the perimeter of the area was secure police SWAT team members moved in.

“It was really fairly quickly how everything worked. They were able to throw a diversion device to distract the subject and we were able to take him into custody with no incident whatsoever,” said Sgt. Spragins.

WFPD said that the whole incident is still under investigation. One 7/11 who wished to remain off camera did allow me to record her account of what happened to the man.

“Well the man just opened the door, looked in and said call 911 there is someone fixing to be dead and it's me. I thought he was kind of crazy because he had no shirt on yeah he looked pretty weird. I'm glad they did not have to shoot him and he will get the help he needs now,” said the employee.
Police said they were happy no one was harmed. It's a Christmas miracle that this story did not end in a death.
Jack Carney, Newschannel6