Red River Predator

Red River Predator

A Texoma cattleman wants people who own property or frequent the Texas side of the red river to be aware a predator might be on the prowl.

John Caussey has been a cattleman for nearly 40 years his livestock are his livelihood. On Friday Caussey

found one of his cows had been slashed and eaten away at by a predator or predators of some sort.

Caussey found his now dead cow early Friday morning.

"She would bring in the neighborhood of 2000-2500. She was a good cow, good style cow and she was fine yesterday afternoon," said Caussey.

Coyote tracks still visible in the wet and partially blood soaked dirt. Caussey suspects something bigger initially made the kill.

"It's a rarity and I've been doing it a long time and this is the first time I've seen one that I think was killed by a mountain lion," said Caussey.

There are reasons Caussey believes it that what caused the kill was more than just a pack of coyotes.

"It's a real straight cut just like it was cut with a razor blade and a coyote won't do that, they'll tear the hide," said Caussey.

Kevin Hunter is Causseys neighbor. Hunter has allowed Causseys cows graze his neighboring property. After learning that the cow was killed on his land Hunter said he won't let his family walk alone without both him and his gun present.

Just a few yards away from where the cow was found sits a flag that reads"Come And Take It."

Hunter said that the flag was meant to be a reference his current land dispute with the Bureau of Land Management. Hunter said the flag was not an open invite for anyone, especially wildlife who might do danger.

"No, it was not meant for any animals it was meant for the BLM the government I pay taxes to that think they are going to take 264 across from me," said Hunter.

Hunter said he is just glad that there are not any people, including his won family who have been harmed.

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