The City of Wichita Falls is Prepared for the Upcoming Weather

The city of Wichita Falls is prepared for the upcoming winter weather.

From the snow and ice material, to the spreaders and to the plows, the Wichita Falls Street Department is ready.

When the snow took many Wichita Falls residents  by surprise this past Saturday, most of them and Larry Ruggedly of the Wichita Falls Street and Maintenance Division said, “I think we all woke up and said what happened here, where did this come from?”.

Now that, that batch of winter weather has moved past Exxon, Ruggedly and the rest of the Street and Maintenance staff are preparing for yet another arctic blast.

“We've started today.  We've already discussed what we're going to do.  We've got the snow and ice material ready, we've got our spare parts for our equipment," said Ruggedly.

Ruggedly also said, “We'll have more people available, we'll just have to set up crews for 12 hour shifts”.

Ruggedly's advice to Wichita Falls resident is, “if you don't need to be out, don't be out on the streets".

The worst are in Wichita Falls for the snow and ice is on the hills and on the intersections.

, Newschannel 6