Man Arrested for Sexual Assault After Trapping Victim Inside Storage Unit

A man was arrested for a sexual assault  after it was reported to the Wichita Falls Police Department.

On September 14, 2014, the victim, a 28-year-old female, reported that the subject she knew, Toby Wayman Brown Jr., sexually assaulted her in a a storage unit located at A-American Self Storage.

According to the victim, the storage unit had been modified by separating it into a front area and a back area. The two spaces were separated by a wall that had been built out of rough cedar. On the south side of the unit was a hidden door, which allowed access to the back or living area of the storage unit. A chair, a couch, a table, and a TV were located in the back area. There was also an access hole in the 8-foot ceiling that allowed access to a small loft area with a mattress, a TV monitor, and a surveillance camera installed on a pole outside the front on the storage unit that was connected to the TV monitor.

The victim was on a dinner date with Brown and they ended up at the storage unit. The two talked until the early morning hours of the 14th. The victim asked Brown to take her home several times and he refused, stating that if she wanted to lay down and sleep she could do so by using the mattress in the loft area.

After the victim was in the loft area, she stated that she heard Brown drilling the hidden door shut, locking them in the back area of the storage unit. Brown then joined the victim in the loft area, and moved the ladder that was used to access the loft and making it so it could could not be reached, and then put a board on the access hole. Brown monitored any activity happening in front of the storage unit using the TV monitor that was connected to the surveillance camera that was located outside.

Brown forced himself upon the victim, grabbing her throat as she tried to scream.

During the investigation of the alleged attack the manager provided a statement saying that on September 15, after learning that the victim reported the alleged sexual assault to authorities, Brown rented a Uhaul truck form A-American Self Storage and cleaned out the storage unit completely. The Uhaul truck was later reported missing before being found abandoned in the middle of the street in front of another Uhaul dealership in Houston, Texas.

Brown is currently in jail.