Pasqual's Reopening in Wichita Falls

A restaurant that was once a very popular local eatery in Wichita Falls, Pasqual, is due to reopen.

The process to reopen has been going on for several months, and the lease was finally signed on December 29th.

Many people have been disappointed at the closing of the establishment on January 1st, 2014. The new owners of the restaurant, Chris Cunningham and Chas Choate, believe that reopening this restaurant will be a great addition to Wichita Falls as there are very few fine dining restaurants and many previous customers miss the restaurant since its closing.

The partners state that customers can expect an upgraded menu which will rotate every few weeks, highlighting different dishes with the same ambiance as the previous Pasqual with some small changes. Modifications have also been made in order to make the dining experience just a little more quiet.

The target date for opening is February 9th, 2015.