Protecting Your Pets from the Cold

With the weather looking to produce snow and below freezing temperatures, the Wichita Falls Animal Control Center wants to remind people to bring their pets in from the cold.

Katrina Mitchell,  an Animal Services Administrator, stated that if it is impossible to bring your pets indoors, that you should make sure that they have appropriate shelter outside.

According to Mitchell, an appropriate shelter should have three solid walls, a roof , and a floor, and it should contain proper bedding inside in order to insulate it.

Straw is a preferred bedding option than other fabric options, such as blankets, since straw dries faster than fabric when it gets wet.

If people feed outside cats, they should make sure that they have a place to get out of the elements.

Mitchell stresses that because of the oncoming weather, pet owners should bring their pets inside if it is at all possible.

“If it's too cold for us to be out there, it's too cold for them to be out there,” Mitchell stated.