Winter Car Coverage

Winter Car Coverage

Not all costs will be covered by your insurance company should you crash during icy and snowy conditions. Kelly Henderson is an insurance agent out of Iowa Park who said that many Texomns are unfamiliar with driving in winter weather.

"Accidents can certainly happen in these types of roads. If it's just a one can accident and let say you slide off that road and hit a guard rail states going to make you pay for that guard rail damage," said Henderson.

According to Henderson there are two core coverages you want on your insurance during icy and winter weather are comprehensive and collision. Henderson explained the importance of collision coverage.

"Even though you figure your sliding on black ice. Even though in our minds as consumers, we think that is an unavoidable accident. In insurance terms that is an avoidable accident," said Henderson.

However, insurers do consider some accidents avoidable.

"The comprehensive coverage with a deductible would come into play if you hit an animal. If you hit a deer or

a cow on the road and was also a weather related damage, which would be hail damage and windstorm damage things like that to your vehicle," said Henderson.

If someone else slides onto the ice and crashes into you that's when you would possibly need additional coverages.

"If this particular driver that hits you has no coverage, then that's when your uninsured, underinsured coverage would be extremely helpful and necessary if you have damages you want to have repaired," said Henderson.

If history tells us anything about the Texoman winter weather we know that while it might be icy today tomorrow could easily be 75 or above.

, Newschannel6