New Year, New You

A new year means a boost in people heading to the gym looking to start fresh and get physical.

At one Texoma gym, there has been a gain in membership.  In the last four days, around 100 people have signed up to become a Planet Fitness member.

"We always have a lot of people coming in, signing up, getting ready to shed some pounds and get fit for the spring," said Planet Fitness employee, Joe Harris.

According to Harris, the increase in new members is usually between the end of December to February.  Then, the amount of people wanting to work out, dies off.

"Generally around the end of February, people kind of come into that lull and say, I'll make it to the gym eventually," said Harris.

Mickey Marlow, a three year Planet Fitness member, has seen the increase and decrease of people coming to work out before as well.

"I notice an influx of new people and then it will gradually die off in the middle of January.  Every year it happens, it's pretty much every year," said Marlow.

A CBS report states that only 8-percent of Americans who make New Year's resolutions actually stay on track.

Harris suggests that it's best to have one thing, or person that you need to have by your side to keep you accountable.

"The best thing you can do, is have somebody to keep you accountable.  As long as you have someone supporting you, you're going have a good time in the gym," said Harris.

The CBS report also states that people who follow through to lose weight, usually keep their goals simple, specific and share their plans and progress with others.

, Newschannel 6