Community Service Champion: January

Community Service Champion January

The community service champion for the month of January actually goes to a lady that works long hours every day warming the hearts of those in need.

Newschannel 6's Ken Johnson shares their story on how it got started.

Cold winter temperatures struck unusually early this year, and had Texomans reaching for heavy coats and blankets. However, a warm coat wasn't so easy for some to find. That's when Crystal Thomason-Neff of Burkburnett stepped in to help.

"I knew of a lady that didn't have coats and couldn't afford them and I didn't want her or the kids getting cold."said Crystal. She posted the simple request for coats on the Wichita Falls trading post.

"I reached out on the trading post and had people start messaging me to donate coats." She says it didn't take long before others started making similar requests.

"I had other people start messaging me, hey do you have a coat in this size? And it just took off from there."

Leslie Owens of Wichita Falls, partnered up with Thomason-Neff when she discovered a family that didn't have warm clothes. Owens says she knew a man raising children on his own and knew that he needed help with his kids to get coats and winter clothes so she messaged Crystal about it.

That's when the duo formed a Facebook page called Anonymous Angels. They say they get several hundred request for items per day.

"People will contact us on there and ask us if we have coats or heaters, certain sized clothes.  We've had a lot of people asking for Christmas trees and Christmas help this year," says Thomason-Neff. "If we have it we'll get it to em if not we'll do everything we can to find it for them."

They spent most of the holiday season gathering and giving out gifts for under the tree to these families in need, but it's not only Christmas presents and clothes. They also help find money to keep the heat on.

Candace Alexander didn't have the money to heat her home and was in need of a miracle. The miracle came from what she calls are true angels that raised the money without her knowing about it.

"I got to see the hand of god at work in my life," Alexander says."Before they paid the gas bill two days prior to that I prayed and asked God if he could help us. There was no way possible at this time that we could do this and then he showed out in a huge way."

There are several places throughout Wichita Falls and Burkburnett where you can drop of items to be donated. The group asks that you go to their Facebook page Anonymous Angels to find out where. You can also make requests for items you may need.

Ken Johnson, Newschannel 6.