New Line of Defense For Archer City PD

Every second counts for law enforcement officer, which is why the Archer City Police Department is adding a new piece of technology.

It's called CopSync.  It's a program that is installed into their computers in their patrol units, which they have already done.  Now, they are just waiting for training so they can use it. 

Joe Burton, the Police Chief said it will help them get information about the person they are looking into quicker.

"They allow us to do driver's license checks and stuff like that from the vehicle instead of having to go through dispatch," he said.

He explained in the past, it could take up to five minutes to get information on the person depending on how busy they are.

"This gives us the ability to get real time information in real time.  So, it's just an officer safety thing."

Chief Burton said one of the biggest issues he has seen, is the amount of time an officer has to make a decision.

"Seconds count in what we do and seconds mean the difference between living and dying and making good decisions and making a better decision," he said.

So, in essence, the new technology helps them analyze the situation so they can handle the situation better.

"You never know what you're walking up to," Chief Burton said, "If I know somebody is confrontive or combative, or a danger to police officers I'm going to approach a whole nother way."

The technology won't just improve the amount of time it takes to get the information and handle it.  It will also help with communication.

"We have the ability to talk back and forth through text on the computers," he said.

Plus, CopSync will also tell other officers and other law enforcement agencies if they need backup.  He said it's all done automatically through the program.

Chief Burton said, "Anybody that's been flagged violent, or what not, it automatically notifies the nearest patrol units and has them coming your way."

He said the other officers are grateful for the new technology.

"They think that they can do a much better job with the assistance of this equipment," he said.

Chief Burton said the technology will help them enforce the law better and make it safer for all of the officers.

He said, "Anything that's safer for us, is beneficial for the community."

Holiday is the only other Texoma Police Department that has the technology, but Chief Burton said it's catching on.

"Law enforcement agencies either have it, are looking into it, or going to it that I've spoken with," he said.

Another line of defense the Archer City PD has, is body cameras.  The have had them for two years and Chief Burton said it helps to tell their side of the story and show what happened.  He said the cameras in the patrol cars only get one perspective.  The body cameras add another angle and might catch video that the dash cameras wouldn't

CopSync cost the town $20,000, but it was all paid for by a grant.

, Newschannel 6