Food Truck Food Court

Within the next 30 days, food trucks will be able to serve you from a food court in downtown Wichita Falls.  Wichita Falls City Councilors approved this decision at this Tuesday's City Council Meeting.

Newschannel 6 talked to one food truck vendor in town to get their opinion of a food court in the Falls.

“I feel like its good because people like to taste different foods.  It's not only just taco trucks, it's different kinds of food trucks and that way they won't have to go to restaurants and wait," said Barbara Casillas of the Los Cuates food truck.

One of Los Cuates' customers agrees with Casillas.

“I think that would be great!  The area where I live by, there's not many places where we can go out and eat.   Sometimes I'm very tired and I don't feel like cooking, I could just go down there and grab me some food for the family.  So yes, that would be awesome," said customer, Maria Ortiz.

The Planning Division of Wichita Falls and members of the Wichita Falls-Wichita County Health District have been working on this project for years determining the regulations for health reasons as well as location and regulations for the outdoor food court.

At the city council meeting, both of these entities within Wichita Falls presented city council members with pictures of food courts from other Texas cities like Dallas, Ft. Worth and Austin.

From city council, there were some concerns like, the lighting of the food court area and how it would affect the smoking ordinance.

“They won't be able to smoke while they're standing in line waiting on their food within 25 feet because that is the entrance to the facility, said Lou Kreidler of the Wichita Falls-Wichita County Health District.

However, for the seating area, smoking will be allowed on the patio.

Animals will have to be within 25 feet of the food preparation area.

Also, food trucks that have a central preparation facility, water, sewage and electricity will be able to stay on the sight downtown overnight.

To have a mobile food truck, you will need a mobile truck permit mainly because the truck is a restaurant on wheels.

, Newschannel 6