Stepping Away from the Screen

Stepping Away from the Screen

Everywhere we look, we're surrounded by electronic devices. But our fascination with our phones and computers is taking a toll on our eyes.

"When you have the different types of light coming through, on your iPads, iPhones, and your computers, it causes so much of a strain because its so much brighter," explained Optician for Texas State Optical Amy Smith.

According to a report released at the 2015 Consumer Electronic Show, 61% of Americans experience eye problems from staring at a screen, including dryness, irritation and blurred vision. Nearly 3 out of 4 Millennials experience digital eye strain, which can cause eye inflammation and powerful headaches. there are some things you can do to protect yourself.

"You have to look away just to get a break. As long as your eyes have that break, its less of a strain for you," Smith said.

Smith says the longer the break you give your eyes, the better. Also enlarging the print on your screen and having good posture and sitting up straight can make major differences in your eye health.

The same report found Americans look at their phones an average of 100 times a day. Cell phones, and especially L.E.D computers and televisions emit harmful blue light that can cause powerful headaches. But if you work in an office, another source of blue light may be straining your eyes even more.

"The lights from even your florescent lights up there still give off that UV reflection, on top of the UV coming off your screen, you have that double right there, and that's not good on your eye health," Smith said.

You can purchase a pair of glasses to help with the glare of computer or television screens, even without a prescription. Some glasses have blue-tech lenses, which eliminates the strain caused by the UV blue light.

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6