Monica's Murder

Monica's Murder

Thursday, January 8th 2015

David Shipman has been convicted of many things including but not limited to multiple drug charges as well as tampering with evidence.

Shipman said he met Garza in a holding cell in late February 2012 where the two became friends. Shipman testified that the two were also holding cell neighbors and at one time and Garza confessed that he did in fact did kill his ex-girlfriend Monica Partida.

Defense Attorney Bruce Harris questioned the legitimacy of Shipmans testimony pointing out Shipman is expected to be released in nine days on January 17th, 2015. Harris asked if Shipman had made a deal with the DA's office for his testimony.

Shipman said he was not making a deal or being threatened to testify but simply made aware that if he did not testify he could be held in contempt of court; meaning he could see six more months added to his sentence.

Shipman said the only request he did make is that he be put in protective custody before Thursdays testimony.

A document expert from the Texas Department of Public Safety testified that an impression on a note pad recovered from the Ennis, Texas residence Garza was staying at with family during the time of his arrest was a direct match to the note recovered at the scene of the crime.

    Defense Attorney Michael Payne pointed out it was impossible to verify whether Garza wrote the note himself.

A former Tarrant County Forensic Biologist testified she found what is called Y-STR DNA on the bloody gloves and knife found at the crime scene.
    Because this is a short tandem repeat of the Y chromosome any male that is directly related to Garza would have also tested positive on this DNA sample.
    The biologist also pointed out because Partida did not have running water, electricity or direct access to a washer and dryer, it was possible that Garzas DNA would remain present in her house and on her body even though Garza had moved out in January two weeks prior to her death.

    A Texas Department of Public Safety DNA expert testified that Partidas cousin and her best friend were ruled out during DNA testing of certain items including the bloody carpet at the scene of the crime. Garzas DNA was found on an unattached zipper pulley on the floor.

Jack Carney Newschannel 6