Texoma Tremors?

Texoma Tremors?

The earth is moving under Irving's feet, and residents are wondering why. The reasons behind the tremors may not have anything to do with us at all.

"The stress can continue to build and continue to build, and you can have earthquakes in an area like this without humans doing anything," explained Dr. Rebecca Dodge, Associate Professor of Geosciences at Midwestern State University.

North Texas is not at a plate tectonics boundary, so the explanation for the earthquakes in the Metroplex isn't the same one as tremors in California.

Some have wondered if fracking is to blame. Dr. Dodge says those who think that aren't students of history.

"They've been doing that for 50, 60 years at least, in the vast majority of cases it never changes the stress conditions enough to cause an earthquake. It's not an automatic conclusion that this has something to do with fracking."

But will Texoma be the next place to experience tremors? Dodge says there is always a possibility.

"We have some really old rocks underneath the surface here. And if they are under stress enough they can move and generate an earthquakes."

While predicting the exact location of an earthquake is not possible, if Wichita Falls did see a quake, it would be similar in magnitude to the earthquakes in Irving- not powerful enough to damage most structures in the Falls.

"Some of the older buildings might be damaged, some chimneys might crack, but its not like Bolin Hall where we're sitting is going to collapse on us, no," Dodge said.

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6