A Camel Kills Two People in Wichita Falls

Two people at Camel Kisses, Camel Farm have died after being trampled by a camel on Saturday afternoon.

At 2:41 Saturday afternoon, Sheriff's Deputies arrived to the Camel Kisses, Camel Farm on FM 367 and found a very aggressive camel with blood on his chest and on his mouth.

Deputies soon discovered two dead bodies on the ground, a man, 53-year-old Mark Mere and a woman, 72-year-old Peggy McNair. Both victims had trauma to their bodies.

Wichita County Sheriff, David Duke told Newschannel 6 that a man was out in the ranch's corral breaking ice so that a female camel could have water. This is when an aggressive, male camel attacked and trampled the man. A woman who was also at the ranch was trying to shut the gate to where the camel was attacking the man and that's when the camel attacked her as well.

The aggressive camel is now dead.

Families of the deceased man and woman have been contacted. Both of the bodies have been sent to Tarrant County for an autopsy.

Stay with Newschannel 6 for the latest developments on this incident.