Lower Gas Prices, Increased Vehicle Sales

Lower Gas Prices, Increased Vehicle Sales

Wichita Falls, TX -

Car companies unveiled their new vehicles at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

The United States car sales industry is coming off one of its biggest years since the economic downtown. In 2009, automakers sold nearly 10.4 million vehicles compared to more than 16.5 million vehicles sold in 2014.

At NAIAS, industry experts said the big talk surrounding the show this year is new high gas mileage and performance vehicle cars.

The Volkswagon Golf was able to capture this years car of the year award. Industry experts say it's a big win for VW which reported some of the worst U.S. auto sales in 2014. The car was made with multiple engine options, diesel and electric power.

Car enthusiast said its near luxury quality in terms of its interior and overall construction. The Volkswagon Golf starts off at $18,000.

The Ford F-150 won this year's Truck of the Year award. The truck's redesign has an all aluminum construction build which is lighter on gas. However, the company's big selling point is not gas because of lower prices, but the trucks towing capacity. The F-150 starts off at  just over $25,000.

J.D. Power and Associates said it expects new car and truck sales to continue to increase in 2015 driven by record prices and loans. The average price paid for a car in 2014 was just over $30,000.

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