Extra Checks

Extra Checks

Airports across the country are increasing security after an Al Qaeda magazine published details on how to build bombs and sneak them past airport security. The 112 page article gives praise to those who wish to bring harm to the west and claims it to be extremely important people act.

Even though the Wichita Falls Municipal Airport is smaller than most hubs in the country the security is just as tight. Airport manager Jon Waltjen told me that the airport did receive a notice from the Transportation Security Administration to increase security.

Waltjen explained that heightened security would be uniform with the measures taken by other bigger hubs like DFW and Love Field. That means if you go to the airport in Wichita Fall there is a higher chance that your bag and your person will be checked.

Two passengers said that they felt the chances of an attack happening in Texoma is small, but one felt these threats should be taken more seriously.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6