Texoma Talks: State Of The Union

Texoma Talks: State Of The Union

President Obama and Congress will gather Tuesday for the annual State of the Union Address.

The president is expected to outline some of his plans for legislation during the last two years of his term.

Many of those issues are geared toward helping the middle class. And among new changes President Obama hopes to implement will include tax reform. He wants to increase capital gains rates for America's wealthiest. For example, it would force couples that make more than $500,000 per year to increase their capital gains taxes to 28 percent. He says the money raised would benefit the middle class by going toward things like education and child care.

"Like I said, no one is going to win in that because it's not going to help either side," said Stephen O'Neal, a Wichita Falls resident. O'Neal said tax dollars are not going to the right places.

Government officials said the proposed tax changes will primarily impact the top one percent of income earners. Funding would also be used toward another issue President Obama plans to address, free community college. It's a plan that would cost the state and federal government an estimated $60 billion. 

"I am in some what support of the two year free college plan, even though it's a little iffy about about taxes," said one Texoma resident. "But there are so many kids that are so unfortunate that can't afford to go to college."

President Obama also plans to introduce the Healthy Families Act. A piece of legislation that would allow millions of Americans to be granted sick leave from work. The goal of the plan would be to allow workers seven days of paid sick leave.

"I think everyone is entitled to sick day pay whether they've been there a full year or not," said Claudia Lambert, a Wichita Falls resident. "I do have my reservations about the government getting into everything but I do think everyone is entitled to sick pay."

And another issue he hopes to dive into is that of cyber security. He wants to pass legislation to strengthen cyber security, in hopes of providing more protection from hackers and safer browsing.

"It's a battle," said Jeremy Horn, a Wichita Falls resident. "If he does this the hackers are just going to figure out a way to get past it again."

Many Texomans say with each issue there is a positive and negative aspect, and many people say they'll be keeping an eye on many of the big issues. President Obama will address the nations Tuesday at 8 p.m.

Brittany Costello, Newschannel 6