Internet Gun Sales: Loopholes in Texas?

Internet Gun Sales: Loopholes in Texas?

When it comes to purchasing firearms online, the Texas way is surprisingly strict.

In Texas a person has to send the weapon in question to another licensed federal firearm dealer. In turn, the dealer administers a background check through the Federal NICS program, which you need to pass in order to pick up your firearm.

It's the same procedure as someone buying a weapon in-store, and it's the same way gun wholesalers and shops like Texas Knifeworks and Guns do business.

"Even coming from the internet, wherever it may come from, it's the same as the wholesaler shipping the firearm shop the weapon, and all have to go through the background check before they can be picked up. So its a very safe way to receive a weapon, very safe way to transfer a weapon," said Ted Knox, owner of Texas Knifeworks and Guns.

Knox said its possible for a background check that should be red-flagged to pass through the cracks, but the current system covers the vast majority of the applications.

The very first question asks if you are the actual buyer of the firearm listed. If you're not, the dealer can not transfer the firearm to you.

When asked, 'what if the person lied about the first question,' Knox said that if a buyer wanted to commit a felony, he or she probably wouldn't go a legal route in the first place.

While no major loopholes exist online, there is a major one away from the computer: gun shows. Knox said individuals at gun shows can sell directly to other individuals without a background check. It's a common practice for sellers to get the buyers driver's license, but its not required.

Knox says that you should ask the person you're selling the firearm to if they have a criminal record, or if they are the appropriate age, because you could be liable if something happens.

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6