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Holliday ISD Renovations Complete

Students in Holliday, who go to the middle school or high school have new classrooms to learn in.

After a year of construction, and a $15-million bond the project to renovate and build those schools is complete.

“Teachers moved in, students moved into the facilities on Monday,” Kevin Dyes, the Holliday Superintendent said.

At the ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday many residents expressed how excited they were.

“They've been waiting,” he said, “They've been kind of watching it all year, taking shape and were just kind of ready to get here.”

In May of 2013 a bond was passed to update and renovate the high school, the middle school, and build a new gym.

This included technology upgrades, such as new smart boards in all of the classrooms.  Basically, the board turns into a giant touch screen.  Teachers can play videos, write problems or instructions, search the web, and much more.  All of the classrooms also got WiFi access.

“We upgraded all of the other building,” Dyes said, “Basically, with lighting, tile, new bathrooms with ADA compliance issues.”

He said they also go five new science labs.  Three labs are used for the high school and the other two are used for the middle school.

“The high school had a lot of issues,” he said, “A leaking roof.  It was built in 1977.  Sub par science labs.”

The science labs can be used in different ways.  Each of the rooms has a section for just teaching, whether it's going over an experiment, or students taking a test.  These desks can be alternated depending on what the teacher is doing.  The desks can be transformed into large squares, circles, or can stand alone.  On the other side of the classroom you can see where students would actually do an experiment or procedure.

“Science teachers excited about the new labs and the opportunities that they're going to have here,” Dyes said.

Dyes said they also got security upgrades.  He explained now they have controlled access. 

He said, “We're also getting rid of four portables.  So, we had students that were going outside and going to portable and that kind of posed a security risk.  It's not a huge risk, but a risk nonetheless.”

Dyes said they also added tornado safe hallways in the new building.

“We can evacuate high school into these hallways and they would be safe in a high wind situation,” he said.

Dyes said the one thing he is most excited about, is to see the teachers and students use all of the new upgrades. 

The impact it's going to have on instruction and just on the day to day lives of our teachers and our students,” Dyes said.

He said with the new technology, it will really help prepare students better.

Dyes said, “If you're trying to prepare students for the real world, they're going to use a lot of technology in whatever job or whatever career they pursue later on their own.”

Alexandra McClung, Newschannel 6
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