Walking Your Dog Can Help Raise Funds to Help Homeless Pets

The City of Wichita Falls Animal Services Center is pleased to announce a new partnership with WoofTrax, an animal shelter and rescue fundraising organization, to promote a healthy lifestyle for pets (and people) and to raise funds for Animal Services to care for homeless animals.

WoofTrax has a smartphone application called "Walk For a Dog", that can be downloaded free on IPhones and Android systems. Once downloaded (choose Wichita Falls Animal Services as your shelter or rescue), and someone is ready to walk their dog, they open the app, and begin the walk. WoofTrax will log the walk and donate funds to Animal Services. WoofTrax donates to over 4000 shelters and rescues throughout the United States. Go to their

for more details about their program.

Walking keeps pets (and their owners) healthy and agile; enables owners and pets to bond and share quality time, helps maintain weight, and builds confidence in shy and fearful pups. It can also reduce problem behaviors such as digging, chewing, barking and burn excess energy in active pets.

For more information on adoption services or becoming a volunteer, contact Animal Services at 940-761-8894.