Bullsharks Touch Down

Bullsharks Touch Down

Iowa Park is now the new home to a professional football team. On Monday night, city council leaders in Iowa Park reached an agreement with the newly formed Wichita County Bullsharks. The new Elite Football League team will be permitted to use Griffith Field for hosting home games.

Many of the councilors pressed owner and player Chris Lawrence with various questions about how the team would pay for electricity and water bills.

"We gave them a $250 deposit that they will use for the water and the electricity for the concession stands and the scoreboard," said Lawrence.

Should the electricity and water cost exceed the $250 the Bullsharks have agreed to take funds out of their own account to help pay down any bills.

According to Lawrence, the team only plans to use the field a total of six times between this coming Saturday January 31 and May 7 of this year when the team's season ends.

Many of the council members seemed to be open and supportive of the team's decision to choose Iowa Park as its home location. The idea is that the community businesses will see a boost from home games played in town. One local Iowa Park resident feels the same way.

"I think any kind of activities here would bring more business in here and people would buy gas and food here that's great for the community," said John Mazur of Iowa Park.

Lawrence said that prices for games will range from $3-8 for general admission.

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