Tuition Control

Tuition Control

Tuition at universities has increased dramatically over the last decade, across the country and here in the lone star state. According to a state funded 59-page report tuition at public schools in Texas has increased by an average of 107% in a decade's time.

The report also shows tuition increases at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls. The report shows average tuition cost at MSU was $1,792 in the fall of 2003. In fall 2013 average tuition cost at MSU was around $3,837. That means that between 2003-2013 MSU tuition cost shot up 114% in a decade's time.

Senate Bill #255 aims to regulate tuition increases and decreases at the public university's in the state of Texas.

Currently a board of regents at each of Texas' public university's is in charge of increases or decreases to the school tuition. This proposed bill would force those schools to go before the Texas Legislature and plead a case before any action on tuition cost could be taken.

Alexandria Gooden said that she thinks regulation could help solve the burden of trying to pay for school.

"You do have to take out loans and there are other ways to pay but you know I work and go to school and it's really hard," said Gooden.

University President Doctor Jesse Rogers said he would rather see the state taken on the financial burden rather than the student.

"Because students are digging into their pockets today at the Midwestern State University, our students pay about 60% of the cost of their education at one time students paid as little as 20% of the cost of their education," said Rogers.

The bill is currently sitting in the office of the Lieutenant Governor and should be assigned to a committee within the next few weeks. There is no guarantee that the bill will hit the senate floor for debate.

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