City Officials Are Looking Into Ways To Prevent Fake City Websites

On Wednesday, Newschannel 6 told Texoma about a fake website posing as the official site for the city of Wichita Falls.

Today, city officials are looking into what can be done to prevent a fake website from happening again.

Peggy Gahagan, a purchasing agent for Wichita Falls, had her name as well as fake information listed on the fake website.

“I'm not happy about it.  It's because of my title.  I'm responsible for handling a specific type of service for the community of Wichita Falls,"said, Gahagan.

Gahagan and the city's IT department are looking at what public servants are doing in other cities.

“I'm going to ask some other cities what is it you're doing.  Are you making yourself that accessible over the website or are you just putting a phone number down?,"said Gahagan.

Gahagan is also looking into the city's computer firewall.

“We know that there is probably some way we can put something in there to monitor that (fake website) and kick it out into the spam file," said Gahagan.

It was a city vendor who made the city aware of the fake website. He then emailed the city's purchasing department.

The Wichita Falls Police Department Financial crimes Unit is also investigating this incident.

To see the differences between the fake website and the official city of Wichita Falls website, click


, Newschannel 6