Two Teens Detained After Threats Of Violence At Henrietta ISD

Two Teens Detained After Threats Of Violence At Henrietta ISD

Many parents of Henrietta ISD students were scared to send their kids to class Friday, after two juveniles were taken into custody for making verbal threats of possible school violence during school hours.

"Information was given to us that an individual possibly had made a threat," said Superintendent Jeff McClure. "At that time, the principal contacted law enforcement and from that point on they took on the investigation. They found the individual who made the comment and they began to determine if it was a real threat or just a juvenile popping off."

According to the Clay County Sheriff's Office, a couple of juveniles, ages 14 and 16, have been taken into custody and taken to the Juvenile Detention Facility in Wichita Falls.

Even with the suspects in custody, McClure says they're not taking any chances.

"This may turn out not to be a legitimate situation but there was enough concern, that we thought it needed to be carried through and found out," McClure said.

Deputies with the Clay County Sheriff's Office could be seen outside of Henrietta Elementary School and Henrietta High School on Friday morning. McClure says the increased police presence was a way to reassure all parents and students that the schools were safe.

"We have determined since the two individuals that possibly made the threat are detained, that the situation is totally safe and secure," McClure said. "I think this a great demonstration of what a community, a school district and law enforcement agencies can do to keep children safe and secure in their environment."

A pending formal hearing is to be set at a later date.

The investigation revealed that two juveniles had not made any preparation for any type of violence, only threats.

We'll continue to follow the latest on this story.