Money For Pets

Money For Pets

A Wichita Falls pet clinic is hoping new money used on a media campaign will be able to help curb a pet problem in the region. Leslie Harrelson thinks that there are too many animals roaming the streets and not enough homes for them. The result is that too many animals in the shelters are being euthanized instead of saved.

Harrelson runs the P.E.T.S. (Preventing Euthanasia Through Sterilization) clinic in Wichita Falls. While most might find the subject of sterilization awkward Harrelson thinks otherwise.

"Pet overpopulation is an awkward subject and PETS is a solution to that. We've been spaying and neutering now for almost eight years we've lowered the euthanasia rate by more than 40% and we cut intake by more than half," said Harrelson.

Prior to Harrelsons clinic coming into downtown Wichita Falls was


around 90% of the pets taken in by adoption centers and shelters.

Through sterilization efforts and promotion their group said they have played a part in helping curb animal overpopulation in the city. In 2006 the year before P.E.T.S. opened there were well over 10,000 animals taken in off the street by the city. In 2014 there were 4,925.

The clinic recently received $70,000 in grant money from the meadows foundation. The clinic plans to use in a media public awareness campaign. Harrelson said they are using poster commercials and other means of media to spread awareness about fixing animals and adoption.

"So far 47 businesses and we're hoping to add more were calling those businesses paw partners, we put new posters out every month and the message is to promote spay neuter and adoption," said Harrelson.

The goal for Harrelson and other pet enthusiasts is to cut the euthanasia rate for adoption centers and shelters all the way down to 10% in Wichita Falls.

 Jack Carney, Newschannel6