Teachers Packing Heat?

Teachers Packing Heat?

It could soon be legal for a teacher to use deadly force on school grounds to protect themselves, students and property of the school.

The issue of guns in school is nothing new to Texas and certainly not new to Texoma.

Bryson is located in southwest Jack County, population 528. Take a drive down Dempsey Street and the big blue and gold flags let you know this is "Cowboy" country. When you enter the school building, right at the front door, a sign lets you know that some teachers in the building are armed with weapons.

"Our board has chosen to do that and we've adopted that program and implemented a school guardian

program here in Bryson," said David Stout Bryson ISD superintendent.

Texas laws do allow certain school districts the rights to arm teachers. As far as the state requires a teacher need only possess a Concealed Handgun License. Stout said that BISD requires much more than just a CHL.

"We hire a consulting firm a security firm that does extensive training for many days with the employees that we select to be in the guardian program," said Stout.

According to Stout they also put those selected guardians through a mental evaluation using the same process and even the same doctor used when evaluating local Jack County Sheriffs Deputies. Stout explains this training and even evaluation is repeated yearly to keep standards high.

One BISD parent, who wanted to remain anonymous, said she supports the efforts made by her child's district. And when it comes to the issue of using deadly force in the school, she explained her thoughts this way.

"If you had a child in school and they were in danger wouldn't you want somebody to protect them with this in place," said BISD parent.

Stout explained that teachers are putting their lives at risk when acting as a designated BISD guardian.

The proposed bill only expands current state laws regarding teachers and would allow them not only to use deadly force but also grant them civil immunity. Meaning should an educator use force or deadly force resulting in injury or death would not be liable for anything.


elow is a copy of the current BISD policy and the proposed house bill.

school policy

House Bill

relating to a defense to prosecution for and civil liability of an educator who uses force or deadly force to protect the educator's person, students of the school, or property of the school, and suspension of a student who assaults an employee of a school.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6