Licensing Scam Targets Barbers And Cosmetologist

Licensing Scam Targets Barbers And Cosmetologist

Wichita Falls, TX-

Some Texas cosmetologist are on high alert after con artists threaten to have their licensed cancelled. These scammers are posing as representatives from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).

The sound of scissors and clippers guiding through a client's hair is how many cosmetologist or barbers imagine their day spent.

Occasionally answering phone calls from customers scheduling appointments. not con-artist impersonating the TDLR demanding you to pay for a violation, have your license cancelled or possibly face jail time.

"It can be scary. When you get that phone call, its going to throw you off," said Cosme Ojeda II, Director of Operations with the Better Business Bureau of North Central Texas. It's going to surprise you and your first response will be try and take care of the issue."

He says when that happens you don't want to act immediately.

"Never make a decision over the phone, when you're on the phone or when you have received an email," said Ojeda.

Unfortunately, numerous cosmetologist across the state have filed reports to TDLR after fallen for the scam. Many gave away their credit card information.

Ojeda said that is the first mistake.  He said you should wait it out. Ask for them to send you documentation of what collections you owe before you give away any valuable information.

"Whenever the government contacts you whether its the TDLR or whether its the IRS, regardless of what government agency it is, they contact you first by certified mail," said Ojeda.

If the TDLR does find you in violation during an inspection, the state's inspector will leave a proof of inspection with the owner of the business describing the violations and information on how to fix the matter.

The TDLR ask anyone who receives a suspicious phone call claiming to be a representative from their office to contact its service division at 800-803-9202. Also, contact the Texas Office of Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division at 512-463-2185.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6