PAWS For Greatness

PAWS for Greatness started off 2015 working with Communities In Schools at Barwise Junior High.

They have been training at the Barwise campus for the past four weeks.

PAWS for Greatness has seven youth from Barwise attending. Six of the children are dog trainers and one assistant trainer. The six dogs that the children train come from Texas Pit Crew, Wilbarger Humane Society in Vernon and the City of Wichita Falls Animal Services adoption program.

The youth are work hard to teach the dogs good manners, to walk on a loose leash, sit and wait and not jump on people. The youth take turns being the instructor for the class which builds confidence and helps them learn patience and empathy for the their own teachers. The youth also learn social and leadership skills that will help them become the Volunteers and Community Leaders of the future.

The youth help take the photos and videos that go into the end of session video.

PAWS for Greatness has a Go Fund me Campaign running right now.

If anyone is  interested in volunteering, or would like to bring food for our youth please give Diann Bowman Program Director a call at (940) 366 2139