K-9 Officer Pepper Was Laid to Rest

K-9 Officer Pepper Was Laid to Rest

The K-9 Officer who was killed last week in a confrontation with an armed suspect was laid to rest Wednesday.

Two-year-old Pepper, his handler and four other officers were approaching Alan Lance Alverson on Picket Run Road near Sunset, Texas Wednesday, January 28th when the 44-year-old brandished a gun.

Pepper did what he was trained to do and ran in front of the officers and shielded them with his body.

Wednesday, his partner spoke about him publicly for the first time.

"Peppers sacrifice insured that there is not a newly wed widow sitting in the front row this church. His sacrifice insure that none of these officers children were left without fathers, mothers without sons and no colleagues left without a brother," Sgt. J.T. Manoushagian said.

The service was dedicated to remembering Pepper and celebrating the lives of all the people he saved.