Economic Touchdown?

Economic Touchdown?

Professional football is back in Texoma, no I'm not just talking about the Wichita Falls Nighthawks. The Wichita County Bullsharks kicked off their season opener Saturday against the CenTex Tigers.

Last month Iowa Park council members approved letting the Bullsharks use their little league field in hopes that the newly formed team would bring in new businesses for store owners that otherwise would never come to town. The Bullsharks are only having to pay for the fields utilities.

The Bullsharks would end up winning the game 19-7 and sold a total 65 tickets. Paige Kelly drove with friends and family from Temple, Texas to watch her boyfriend play Saturdays game. Kelly said if not for the game she never would have come to Texoma, let alone Iowa Park. Kelly said her family had spent a little bit of money in town before the game.

"We went and stopped and ate at a local place called Ken's and had a lunch before the game," said Kelly.

Bullsharks Head Coach, Sidney Barnes, said he and his team are grateful for the opportunity to play the game. Barnes said he expects the stands to fill up and so to other restaurants and shops when the Bullsharks play in town.

"By bringing the outside teams in they will spend around this area," said Barnes.

The teams next home game is the next month March 7th against the Dallas Bulldogs.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6