Bariatric Grandparents

Bariatric Grandparents

Debbie and Dirk Dunlap are about to go under the knife in hopes they can make a change in their life. The Dunlaps have struggled with weight loss for a good portion of their very healthy forty year marriage. The two have come to the conclusion that by undergoing Bariatric gastric sleeve surgery.

"That's where they take out two thirds of your stomach so you eat, but you're only getting smaller and smaller portions," said Debbie.

Debbie explains she currently gets winded while trying to raise the couples two grandchildren.

"I don't want to be like that anymore, I want to be where I can go and do and carry on and beat all their activities and be a healthier person," said Debbie.

Dirk has his own daily struggles he deals with.

"I've been so uncomfortable tying shoes when I bend over to tie shoes all my hair is gone," said Dirk.

The two have tried various weight loss pills, diets and other techniques with no luck. Just under a year ago another diet had failed them again.

"At the end of six weeks we would start going right back to the old foods you know cleaning the plate. It came back and the old yo yo effect worked perfectly and we gained more than we lost," said Dirk.

Debbie said that she has talked with another woman who has had her stomach stapled.

"She said anything you want to know you just let me know and she was more than helpful she's lost about ninety pounds in a year, so she's a good role model. There is always excusing that you can use in your mind to justify your weight and I'm just tired of that, I just want to be me," said Debbie.

The two are not nervous about tomorrow's surgery, in fact they are excited. The couple said it's a chance at a better and healthier lifestyle, not just for them but their family as well.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6