Old Airport Terminal Gets Terminated

Old Airport Terminal Gets Terminated

Mayor Glenn Barham was one of the spectators on hand this afternoon to watch construction crews begin to tear down a piece of Wichita Falls history.

"In a way, its kind of a sad day. I've probably flown out of it fifteen, twenty times over the last forty years, but I'm glad to see it go because it's reached its lifetime," Barham said.

General Superintendent of the project Bob Aniol said that tearing down the terminal is just the first step of the demolition process.

"There's some underground foundation systems that need to be removed and a little bit of existing apron paving," Aniol said.

After that, the city can pave what once was paradise and put up a parking lot, which will be mostly funded by the F.A.A's Airport Improvement Program.

"The parking lot can be a source of revenue for the city to continue to grow," explained Aniol.

Mayor Barham added, "that comes from user fees and not from tax dollars to help us construct this facility."

Demolition of the old terminal will most likely go through the end of March, and then crews will need a few more months to build the new overflow parking lot.

Mayor Barham also said the city would like to cover a portion of that parking lot, and have some premium parking for passengers who want to leave their cars at the airport for a longer period of time.